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Bug fixes for α 0.3.1 are now in the current downloadable version.

- removed left over files, removed a bug that granted gamemaster skills

- fixed a crash that rarly and randomly happend when game plays a movie

or trys to open the game over/ retry battle scene

- custom text scroll and book system not scaling to bigger screens sizes.

remade the system with a new script

- being able to shot magic bullets in the village and glitching the game

- weather effects vanishing when entering and leaving the skill tree

- grandma akja being buged and acting weird, updated quest info

she will now tell you exactly what demons you need and is fixed

- Hayatemaru even when dead suddenly standing up on the animation

of ketsueki and lucifer when teaming up against the heroes

- ketsueki not facing a door sometimes when opening it

- and other countless but less impactful bugs like those above.


You need a unpacking programm, for example:

Win-rar www.win-rar.com

to unpack and play most games on itch.io!

Click the link above, it is free and easy to use.


- Game Engine upgraded to the latest version

- better performance, load times and reduced file size

- fixed and upgraded all scripts to latest version and bug fixed them 

- upgraded ketsueki her art with beautiful wings and other tiny details

- nerfed rose and violet to not regen HP/MP on map anymore

- fixed and upgrade boss hp bar

- changed enhance and upgrade cost for gear

- improved combat speed and performance

- improved on map magic shot speed by a bit

- improved skill tree infinity circle load time by a bit

- added the option to toggle battle voice to Talk (ON) or Mute (OFF)

- changed camera work on some scenes

- fixed a bug with fullscreen and battlespeed option to get stuck in selection

or being reversed when selecting

- fixed and changed code of several scripts!

- fixed several other minor bugs to many to count!

( Report any bugs you may encounter to me please! )

- This version is like a improve version of 0.3.0 see those changes below!


- Updated game start files and removed some left overs!

- Updated Game Screenshots to fit the latest version!

- removed auto save and permanent save

 and instead I added a cute new save point in the form of a bat.

- You can now see the total damage of an enemies attack

- Improved Animations/Action Sequences/Battle backs/Light/Fog/Overall Effects!

- Combat Transition Glass shatter effect added.

- Items now are not only an empty spark but have a sprite visible on the Map.

- New Skill Tree custom system and balance changes!

- Few Details on Maps got added or changed

- added some secrets here and there

- Sprite animation on Maps feels more alive, Example: Ketsueki, Aldo and Lucifer

They will have a cast, sword, magic and float animation on the map as well!

- Remastered Ketsueki her battler sprite to match her original design more

This one was one of the hardest changes, but I am glad I made it in time.

- New Abilities for enemies/summons and ketsueki, including one new Oversoul!

- All story scenes got a mature overhaul and camera action takes place more

combined with the new motions and music this will create more dynamic.

- Like already briefly mentioned above, new music is now in the game!

- updated some emotions and ketsueki her eyes to match the original design more.

- updated battle victory screen and polished the design more

- dead enemies that are no ghost will leave a corpse in the battle screen scene

- a few new cut scenes and a story can now be explored

- alpha stage of the karma and NPC reaction system is finally in the game!

- alpha stage of item shop and weapon/armor enhance system is in place.

- added a new boss when taking the evil karma route

(Good karma route will have more effects on the next version

But you can already meet some NPC to be friendly with.)


- I might will try to clean up the comments section for better clear feedback

- I tried my best to find any bugs that tried to hide from me. 

There were a lot of them, which took some time!

- All versions before had an error in their naming.

They were missing a zero before their label, like 0.2.9 was 2.9 by mistake!

~♥~ Enjoy the Game and report any bugs to me! ~♥~


Heartless Angel α 0.3.1.rar 444 MB

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