New Ability as requested by the players + Infos <3

People requested this ability for a longer time now and it was planed anyway.

However many things are being worked on at the same time and take work.

But I decided to put this ability into the game faster then planed to help you catch the weaker enemy souls even if you grow to strong.

"Divine Retraint" Allows you to weaken an enemy instead of finishing them off.

They will survive with 1 HP even if they whould normally had died, a similar system can be found in pokemon.

The user can then catch the target next round without killing it!

Hope you like this new skill in the future, and ofc it comes with it´s own and new pretty animation ; )


The 3 custom text systems are now all full tested and working. 

Same for this new ability and some lore and map updates are done aswell.

Leafside Village and Kimeras Lair are almost complete, only missing the story dialouge now.

Demo 3.0 will include, 2 new Bosses, New Areas and Abilitys, for monsters and Ketsueki.

There will also some new music tracks and other minor quality changes.

Hope you forgive the delay and let me polish/ test the new content a bit further.

I want to avoid bugs and rushed versions, so you don´t encounter any fun killers.

Or have to download the 3.0 many times because rushed versions.

xoxo, Ketsueki aka Heartless Angel Game Dev

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There is no delay to forgive... its ready when its ready and not sooner.. if someone is hurrying you just tell him that its ready when its ready....

Yay for the divine restraint.... it was virtually impossible for me to catch the mirror enemies because at the time i noticed that its possible to go back there I was so OP that i couldnt weaken them enough to get the 25%.... 

Anyways as always looking forward to this :D Well always I have only been here since 2.9 so I guess its the first update I really see.... xD

Have a nice day!